ZIMANI went through a rigorous selection to choose steel supplier, to obtain the maximum safe and high-quality imported raw materials from them. Take the minimum mileage to transport raw steel from supplier to our factory and minimize the existing impacts. Truly whole-process protection from supplier to our factory.

ZIMANI has built a long-term partnership with Baosteel, Taiyuan IRON & STEEL CO, Zhangjiagang Pohang Steel. Among them, the Baosteel company is one of the world's top 500 enterprises, and ranked top 3 in the overall competitiveness of the world steel industry. It is considered the most promising iron & steel enterprise in the future. Baosteel specializing in produce high value-added steel products. In the automotive steel, shipbuilding steel, oil, gas exploitation and transportation of steel, steel appliances, stainless steel, special steel and high-grade construction steel materials and other fields, Baosteel Group have high quality support, and products are exported to Japan, Korea, Europe and America more than forty countries and regions.

The continuous development of production technology, as well as the modern logistics system, it is more to ensure the excellent quality of products and reliable service.

ZIMANI in the way of continuous developing, and gradually establishes dealers and agents all around the world, for the formation of a larger and more connected sales network, the current trail has been spread over three continents.

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