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Orbital Tank Washer TMC 45/85




Hygienic design
Optimum jet geometry matched to the contamination
Long service life
Ease of maintenance due to minimum number of parts
Flexible application with various flow rates and working pressures
High cleaning performance at reduced flow rates
Suited for SIP / compressed air
Adjustable speed (via frequency converter)
Can be used in all installation positions
Low installation diameter
Protected against dry running
FDA conform


The flexibility regarding pressure and flow rate makes it perfect for cleaning a variety of vessel sizes and equipment, also where hygiene is a priority. The unit can be used in the brewing, beverage, dairy, food, chemicals, coatings and transport industries -as permanently fixed or mobile installations.

TMC 45 / 85 with pneumatic motor

Besides the planetary gear motor we offer a pneumatic drive motor for the orbital cleaners TMC 45 & TMC 85.

Additional advantages:

  • No power connection required
  • High torque compared to multi-disk motor
  • Decreased running noise compared to multi-disk motor
  • Small frame size
  • Reduced weight
  • Very low compressed air consumption