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ZIMANI in Beverage Industry

With ISO 9001 certified, P&E is very proud of

Apr 16,2016

Most people like variety of beverages, such as sprite, pepsi, coca cola etc. But do you know how these amazing drinks were produced please? Here comes the images, come from one of our Europe clients, the beverage equipment is used, including the parts of tanks, valves, manways, tubes, fittings etc. The raw material will be pushed into the tanks throw tubes, controlled by valves and pumps, and technical staff inspect the tank inside via manway, also can enter into the tank to clean. And after the beverage is produced , they’ll be filled in bottles via pipes.

Since it matters what you drink and your health, extremely sanitary is required during the processing. Zimani 3A approved manlids was designed for this area, there are round and oval manways were used in this case. They were welded on the tanks, to make sure the beverage inside is pure and make it possible for staffs entering inside to clean.

With ISO 9001 certified, P&E is very proud of our quality, and glad we can do something to serves everyone in the world.