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ZIMANI in Wine Industry

Wine is taking a great part in our life.

Apr 16,2016

 We celebrate friends’ birthday, there is wine; We date with someone, there must be wine etc. It connects with much more memories and pleasure, good wines are icing on the cake. Why shouldn’t we take a look at what machines produced these important roles in our life?

We know that wines were offered by winery, processing equipment comes with many parts, like the tanks to storage and ferment, tubes for flowing, valves to control, and manways for cleaning and inspection etc. P&E had been on the brewery expo in Italy last month, and we visited some of our clients. By the way Milan Cathedral is gorgeous. As the photos showed you can see there are at least 4 P&E manways were used on each tank, the round one, the oval one, the rectangular one, customized one etc.

It’s a great tour, and really appreciated our clients’ trust. It’s amazing to involve a big deal like this, which connected with everyone in the world.