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ZIMANI in Beer Industry

ZIMANI is widely used in Beer Industry around

Apr 16,2016

Beer always comes with many white bubbles on the top and pure drinks in the glass. It really saves us during hot summer, and also a good partner in BBQ. Our P&E staffs really like wines, maybe that’s the reason we all involved in the brewery processing. Just be kidding, but our client Mark sent us an photo about their brewery engineering, after confirmed with him, we’d like to share this with all of you.

This photo showed just corner of his factory, in fact it’s really huge and with almost 12000 footages. Every process requires highest sanitary, since it produces what we drink. All of the tanks were welded with P&E manways. Some of them come with sight glass, it’s convenient to inspection inside, also enter into the tank do the clean.

With 3A approved sanitary stainless steel products and ISO 9001 certified, P&E’s target was to serve more and more processing engineer suppliers like Mark worldwide. It’s an honor for us. We feel proud of ourselves, and would like to take the responsibility on what you drink and eat.